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 Mt Hood Oregon

Welcome to the beautiful Mt. Hood!

Wonderful Mt. Hood is surrounded by 11 glaciers, one for every thousand feet it rises above sea level. It is noticed from lands far away! It has six areas to ski, many places to hike, and much more!

The beautiful Timberline Lodge has some of the best (and only) year-round skiing on earth anywhere. The lodge was constructed with wood and stone from the nearby areas. It is a wonderful place to read a book, sit by the fire, and look at the beautiful peak outside.

Here is where Oregon's tallest mountain touches the beautiful river and inspiration flows from the trees, waterfalls, and land below. It is best viewed where you are more comfortable. From the trail, the cabin, or even a grassy patch while pondering life.

Sit back and view the gorgeous pictures throughout this wonderful guide. We hope to inspire to you to take a trip to the beautiful Mt. Hood area!

Top Hotels

Skamania Lodge

Skamania Lodge Mt. Hood

Located in the beautiful Gorge where you'll find the evergreen forest. Skamania Lodge is a beautiful and comfortable accommodation where you can relax in the energy of nearby Mt. Hood. Feel free to meet the day with a wonderful hike around the lodge or in the Gorge!

Maple Way Cabins

Maple Way Cabins Mt. Hood

Super sweet cabins located in Stevenson, Washington. A bit further from Mt. Hood, but amazing if you want the full adventure and beautiful scenery to go along with your drive. Have fun on the 5 screws in the Foothills!

The Resort at The Mountain

The Resort at The Mountain Mt. Hood

Come experience the grandeur of Oregon high country at The Mt. Hood Oregon Resort. Positioned among the lush evergreen forests, majestic mountains and exhilarating waterfalls and waterways of the Willamette Valley. Wonderful spot for any

BW Premier Collection, Mt Hood Oregon Resort

BW Premier Collection, Mt. Hood Oregon Resort

On the upper end for a Best Western resort, but still fabulous none the less. With this hotel you’ll be able to climb Mt. Hood by day and be back in a warm bed by night.

Top Skiing 

Timberline Lodge Ski Area

Set high on the shoulder of Mt. Hood, one of the most iconic peaks in the Pacific Northwest, Timberline Lodge and Ski Area continues to offer one of the most exciting and unique above tree line mountain experiences in North America.

Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Map

Mt. Hood Meadows offers some of the most spectacular skiing and snowsports in Oregon, USA. The resort is close to Portland - just 90 minutes away - but delivers a large mountain experience you'd expect. Mt. Hood Meadows sprawls across Mt. Hood's southeast side. Meadows' awesome terrain welcomes and challenges all levels of skiers and snowboarders. We have a huge mountain with terrain for everyone, magnificent views and snowfall beyond belief. Our entire staff is committed to providing you with a truly memorable and unique experience that is Mt. Hood Meadows. 

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

Small and mighty, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl packs a punch. This awesome area has plenty of challenging terrain for even the advanced skier. Pick your poison and enjoy the fresh pow pow on a sunny day on Mt. Hood.

Cooper Spur Ski Area

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort Mt. Hood

You will fall in love with Cooper Spur Mountain Resort’s beautiful mountain lodge, log cabins, and farm to table restaurant. They are located in the center of Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon where you’ll discover a bunch of things to do!

Our mountain retreat and ski resort in Oregon is surrounded by pine trees, beautiful meadows and pristine waters. It’s the perfect mountain cabin destination near Hood River and Portland, Oregon.

Summit Ski Area

Summit Ski Area Mt. Hood

Established in 1927, Summit Ski Area is the second oldest continuously operating ski area in the United States and the oldest ski area in the Pacific Northwest.

Come on and enjoy the small town vibe ski resort!

In 1980 the current 2,300 feet long chairlift was built, providing access to approximately 3.5 miles of trails. Summit’s base elevation is approximately 4,000 ft. 

Top Hiking

Easy - Check out the Lookout Mountain Loop.

Lookout Mountain Loop Mt. Hood

Lookout Mountain Loop is a 2.7 mile loop trail located near Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon. This is one of the best ways to experience Mt. Hood!

Medium - Bald Mountain and Muddy Fork

Bald Mountain And Muddy Fork Mt. Hood

Bald Mountain and Muddy Fork is a 5.7 mile out and back trail located near Government Camp, Oregon. This trail is great if you want a good work out and ready to have an Oregon beer at the end.

Hard - Yocum Ridge Trail

Yocum Ridge Trail Mt. Hood

Beautiful hard trail that will take you most of the day to hike. Start early and carry plenty of water. Oh ya, and bring your camera for all of the wonderful wildlife and flowers!

Timberline Lodge Ski Area

Timberline Lodge Ski Area Mt. Hood

How could you talk about Mt. Hood without talking about the Timberline Lodge Ski Area??

This National Historic Landmark was built at the 6000’ elevation by the Work Projects Administration and dedicated by President Roosevelt, September 28, 1937. Timberline Lodge Ski Area has the only year-round ski season in North America, closed for only 2 weeks in late September.

Beautiful snow overtakes the lodge in the winter and provides that amazing cozy lodge experience. It was built by local artisans during the Great Depression. Beautiful displays of Native American art live throughout. Evidence of the beautiful decor lives within the main entrance, carved panels, hand-woven draperies, and light fixtures made from oxen yoke. 

Mountain Stories

At Terra Mano’s “Stories From The Mountain”, we highlight amazing climbers, photographers, mountaineers, and hikers. These outdoor lovers share their personal stories with us. See some of the amazing Mt. Hood stories below:

Theresa Silveyra - Up, Down, And Around Mount Hood In A Day

Back in June 2019, my partner, Mack Robertson, and I completed a longtime goal of summiting and circumnavigating Mount Hood in a single day. It was one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, experiences I’ve had in the mountains to date, and it combined my two favorite outdoor activities: mountaineering and ultrarunning!

Spencer Kirk - Breaking Trail On Mount Hood

The funny thing about Mount Hood, as is the case with many of the Cascade Volcanoes in the Pacfic Northwest, is that it's really boring until it isn’t. When I say that I mean that, as climbers, we all reach various points wherein we’re tired of the approach- the seemingly endless slog uphill to get to where the climbing is good, where the rock is steep, where the snow is hard, and where the ice is blue.

How To Get To Mount Hood

From Seattle - 5 hours, 263 miles

Take I-5 South, and continue on I-205 S and follow the signs for Salem. Take the exit for 84E/U.S. 30 E towards The Dallas. Take the exit for OR-35 towards White Salmon/Government Camp. Turn right on Button Rd towards Mt. Hood Hwy. Turn right on Cooper Spur road. And there you are!

From Portland - 2.5 hours, 100 miles

Head to I-84 East, take the exit for Mt Hood Hwy towards OR-35 towards White Salmon/Government Camp. Turn right onto Cooper Spur Rd. There you are!

From San Francisco - 11 hours, 622 Miles

Take the I-80 E moving onto I-505 towards Winters/Redding. Merge onto I-5 North then take exit 747 for US-97. US-97 becomes SW 5th. Take the state route 35 N exit towards Hood River. Merge onto OR-35 and turn left on Cooper Spur Road. You’re there!

From Boise - 7 hours, 402 miles

Take I-84 W towards Nampa/Ontario. Take the Exit for US-30 Mt. Hood Hwy towards OR-35. Turn right onto Cooper Spur Rd and there you are!

Mt Hood FAQs

How high is Mt. Hood? What is Mt. Hood's elevation?

Mt. Hood is 11,239 feet (3426 meters) above sea level (USGS)

Which mountain range is Mt. Hood part of?

Mt. Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon; the 4th highest in the Cascade Mountain Range volcanoes that span from Mt. Garibaldi, BC to Mt. Lassen in Northern CA.

Is Mount Hood a volcano?

Mt. Hood is a “sleeping” dormant volcano, with steam constantly spewing from hot areas.
Recent eruptions:  1804, 1853, 1854, 1859, 1865, and 1907.  Scientists think Mt. Hood could have a larger eruption within the next 75 years.

How many glaciers are on Mt. Hood?

There are 11 glaciers on Mt. Hood. Ladd Glacier, Coe Glacier, Langille Glacier, Eliot Glacier, Newton Clark Glacier, White River Glacier, Palmer Snowfield, Zigzag Glacier, Ried Glacier, Coalman Glacier Sandy Glacier and Glisan Glacier

Where is Mt. Hood?

Mt. Hood is located in Norther Oregon outside of Portland. 45.373639, -121.695940. It is 20 miles south of the Columbia River.

Where does Mt. Hood get it's name?

British Navy Lt. William E. Broughton and his crew (representing King George III) saw it from the Columbia River near the mouth of the Willamette River. Broughton named the peak for famed British naval officer Admiral Samuel Hood.

When was Mt. Hood first climbed?

Mt. Hood's first ascent was on Aug 14th, 1845 by Sam Barlow, Philip Locke, and Joel Palmer. Mt. Hood is the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world. The most climbed mountain in the world is Mt. Fujiyama in Japan.

Can you ski on Mt. Hood?

Yes! You can see our skiing section for more details on  Timberline Lodge Ski Area, Mt. Hood Meadows, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, Cooper Spur Ski Area, and Summit Ski Area.

Can you hike on Mt. Hood?

Yes again! The Mt. Hood National Forest has 1.2 million acres, has 4 designated Wilderness Areas, and over 1200 miles of hiking trails.

Will Mt Hood erupt?

Mt Hoods last big eruption was during the 1790’s. Since then, there have been a few minor eruptions, but nothing serious. Scientists estimate that Mt. Hood will have another eruption sometime in the next 100 years.

How far is Mount Hood from Portland?

Mt. Hood is about 2.5 hours and 100 miles from Portland. Watch out for the city traffic!

What is Mt Hood known for?

Mt. Hood is know for it’s beautiful year-round skiing, beautiful Timberline Lodge, and wonderful mountain climbing routes. There is something for everyone at Mt. Hood.

How do you get to Mount Hood?

Mt. Hood is located is northern Oregon towards the middle of the state. It is accessible from all directions. Mt. Hood is big however, so pick which spot you want to go first! It is great from all directions.

Why is Mt. Hood so dangerous?

More than 10,000 people try to summit Mt. Hood each year. However, over 130 people have died on the peak as well. This makes Mt. Hood dangerous to climb. Please make sure to take proper precautions and consult with experts before climbing. We recommend learning everything you can from Mt. Hood’s summit post page

Can you climb Mt Hood in a day?

Yes! You absolutely can climb Mt. Hood in a day. It will be very challenging. To read stories of people climbing Mt. Hood in a day check out Theresa Silveyra’s and Spencer Kirk’s Stories From The Mountain.

How many people climb Mt Hood each year?

Over 10,000 people attempt to summit Mt. Hood each year. This makes it the 2nd most popular peak to climb in the world! Only 2nd to Mt. Fuji in Japan where 300,000 people a year climb to the top.

Who named Mt Hood?

Mount Hood was named after a British admiral, Lord Samuel Hood (who never actually saw the peak), and first written about in 1792 by William Broughton, a member of an expedition under Captain George Vancouver.

How far up Mt Hood can you drive?

You can drive up the Byway’s awesome six-mile scenic drive up to 6K ft. elevation. You’ll be able to visit the awesome Timberline Lodge that was built in the 1930’s to stop and have lunch!

Can you see Mt. Hood from Portland?

Yes, Mt. Hood can be seen from Washington Park which is near downtown Portland. It’s a great spot to view Portland, the Willamette River and Mt. Hood.