Oahu Bronze 3D Terrain Map

 Oahu Bronze Mountain

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Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. A client wanted to have this beautiful location memorialized in a physical 3D terrain map. Bronze ended up being the perfect option due to its finish, prominence and character.

Like all of our models, this bronze started with 3D Elevation Data. We first product a rendering of what the final bronze model will look like.

This is to ensure that the client is aligned with the final outcome. After this step changes to the model are time intensive and increase costs.

After the computer render, then we move on to the 3D print stage. We use SLA 3D printing. This process uses lasers to harden resin instead of an extruder tip. This method produces much higher resolution prints than traditional FDM printing.

We hollow out the model and place a grid structure to reduce warping as the resin cools. You can notice the grid light patterns below.

After the 3D print is complete we work with a mold maker to create a negative rubber mold. Many bronze can be made from this single mold.

From here, wax is poured into the model to create a wax replica positive. This is our first look at a non-white version of the model.

We perform quality checks at this stage and manually fix any bubble marks or imperfections.

After the wax is complete, we encase it in a silicon shell, melt out the wax and get it ready for the bronze pour.

The bronze is cast and finished off with metal working tools to give a smooth and polished look. The final bronze has a near-silver appearance.

From here, it's time for patina! This is the process of applying a color to the bronze based on the client's preferences.

The final product is a beautiful bronze.

After the bronze has its patina, then it's time to mount it on a wood base. This client requested that we source Koa from Hawaii to use on the final model.
The final produce is a wonderful 3d map of Oahu that will last a lifetime.
 Oahu Bronze Mountain