Mount Bachelor 3D Terrain Map

Note: Above is a computer render. For product images or custom orders, please visit our product page. Mount Bachelor is a stratovolcano and is part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc in central Oregon. It is located approximately 22 miles (35 km) west-southwest of Bend, on the border between Deschutes and Klamath counties. Mount Bachelor's summit rises nearly 5,000 feet (1,500 m) above the surrounding high desert terrain. The mountain has an annual snowfall of 447 inches (11.4 m), which provides excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding six months out of the year. With a skiable area of 4,318 acres (17.53 km2), Mount Bachelor is one of the largest ski areas in the U.S. The volcano was named "Bachelor" for its...

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Physical 3D Relief Maps: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the beautiful world of Physical 3D Maps! 3D Relief maps inspire travelers and landscape lovers from all over the world. From vacuum forming, to 3d printing, this guide will explain everything you need to know about 3D Maps, from understanding how they are made to where to buy

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The Guide: Making Lake Tahoe In 3D Chocolate

Wondering how we make our Lake Tahoe 3D Chocolate Mountains? Awesome technology is behind this Tahoe Treat. Check out the process below! Feel free to email us at with any questions. The Elevation Data 3D Print Iterations Create A Mold Of Your Print Temper And Pour Chocolate Into Your Mold Package And Enjoy! The Elevation Data Step one is to obtain your elevation data. At Terra Mano we utilize both open source and commercial datasets. A common place to find data is the NationalMap.Gov website. What you'll get is a greyscale heightmap. The lighter color represents higher elevation. With this data you can input it into your favorite Geographic Information System (GIS) Software to obtain a 3D model that...

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